In April 2018, our public community forum saw a diverse crowd of community leaders, elected officials, and local government staff to gather in East Portland for a day of deliberation and discussion about participatory budgeting (PB). 

Regional and national leaders brought their experience and expertise while participants discussed and weigh-in the possibilities of implementing PB in the region. 

We focused on the following questions:

  • How does Participatory Budgeting work and how is it different from other forms of governance?

  • What are the potential outcomes of increasing government accountability, making participation more meaningful, transparent, and inclusive, and building trust and community?

  • What can we learn from other municipalities before experimenting in Oregon?

  • How can we build the necessary community awareness and capacity to be successful?

  • What goals or strategies would be important to consider in Oregon?

Guest Speakers were chosen for the depth of their experiences and for the variety of ways in which participatory budgeting can be implemented. Panel discussions and small group conversations followed presentations.

Brian Wampler: Boise State University Professor and leading international PB researcher

Amy Nguyen: City of Seattle Community Programs Strategic Advisor

Jamal T. Fox: Chair of the Oregon Commission of Black Affairs, educator, professor, PBO advisor

and former City Councilor from Greensboro, NC.

Watch additional segments and full footage on our Youtube channel. Footage provided by Calcagno Media and video editing by Jim Labbe with help from Greg Spies from the Interactive Department

Our goals for the forum included . . . 

  • An opportunity to convene local elected officials, government staff, and diverse community leaders in order to discuss the immediate and long-term benefits and challenges of bringing participatory budgeting (PB) to the Portland-Metro region.

  • A place to generate ideas, interest, and momentum for PB in the city, region and state.

  • Identifying + connecting a core constituency interested in implementing a PB process in the Portland Metro Region, especially within underrepresented, underserved and frontline communities.

  • Informing the future implementation of PB locally by learning from the successful experiences and practices regionally and nationally.

(Photo by Sarah Iannarone)

Funders & Sponsors

The following funders and sponsors made the Community Forum possible.

Organizers with PB Oregon and Healthy Democracy co-hosted the event in partnership with the Rosewood Initiative

Participatory Budgeting Oregon is fiscally sponsored by the Know Agenda Foundation, a tax-exempt 501c3 non-profit organization. Donate to support our work to bring participatory budgeting to Oregon. 

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