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Signature Gathering

Help gather signatures to get Community Budgeting for All on the November 2024 ballot

How to Collect Signatures

Support the campaign by collecting signatures - no previous experience is needed. Help reach people at events - such as markets, parks, or neighborhood gatherings - and connect with your community of friends, family, neighbors, and coworkers for signatures. Your efforts are critical to the success of the petition, thank you.

  1. Prepare for questions. You’re required to make the full text of the charter amendment available to anyone who wants to review it before signing, so print that out and bring it with you whenever you’re canvassing. You can also print and bring our FAQ to help answer questions. Don’t have a printer? You can pick up materials at the drop boxes listed below. Check back here or at drop boxes soon for a helpful "rap sheet" to help you hone your message.

  2. Print or pick up circulator sheets. Circulator sheets are required to be letter-size (8½ x 11 in) and printed on 20-pound (or more), uncoated white paper. (Most normal printer or copier paper qualifies.) Sheets must be printed double-sided on a single piece of paper — no taping or stapling! It is okay to print them in black and white. If your home or office printer is set up to print double-sided, download and print the PDF of the form. Unsure? Visit one of our drop boxes to pick up everything you need or fill out this form and we can mail you a signature gathering packet. (And be sure to leave your contact info on the accompanying form – there’s a small chance we’ll need to follow up with you during signature verification.).

  3. Keep your eyes on the pen. Do not leave sheets in a public place for people to sign without you present — you’re required to watch each voter sign your circulator sheet. Be sure to confirm each voter is registered to vote in the City of Portland and hasn’t already signed. If they think they are registered to vote in Portland but are not positive, there is no harm in signing. It just won’t count if they are not registered. Remind them that their signature, name, and address must all match their voter registration. Have voters sign with a pen. If a voter makes a mistake, cross out that line and have them start over on the next line. Review the instructions on the circulator sheet for a few more rules.

  4. Sign and date your sheet. When you’re done with a sheet, use a pen to sign on the “Circulator Signature” line near the bottom. Print the date, your name, and your home address. Your signature affirms that you, the circulator, were present for all signatures, and that to your knowledge, all signees were registered City of Portland voters at the time they signed. Don’t write anything in the “Sheet Number” area or the boxes above the first signature line. Sheets don’t need to have every signature line filled out to be submitted – don’t hold onto them just to fill them up!

Turn it in. Return your sheet to the campaign by mailing it in or by visiting one of our drop boxes (look for a gray metal box on the front stoop or porch).

Drop Boxes at Residential Locations (no contact)
- 6025 N Vancouver Ave (near N Ainsworth St)
- 3510 SE 115th Ave (near SE Powell Blvd)

- 2736 NE 62nd Ave

-2402 SE Belmont St

-1823 SE 51st Ave

More locations coming soon. See Google Maps.


Mail completed signature sheets to:

Community Budgeting for All

6025 N Vancouver Ave Unit B

Portland, OR 97217

drop box front porch.JPG
secure box.JPG

Who to Canvass

Your immediate circle of friends, family, roommates, neighbors, and coworkers is a great place to start. If you’re able to fill even one sheet from your close contacts, that’s fantastic! Just remember that they have to be registered to vote in Portland. Once you’ve exhausted that pool, you can try checking out some of the locations below!

Where to Canvass

  • Parks on sunny days

  • Events in your neighborhood

  • Bigger events, like Pedal Paloozas or the Rose Festival

  • Meetings of groups you’re part of

  • Sidewalks in front of grocery stores

  • On the bus or MAX

  • Post up with a little sign in a coffee shop or bar

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