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Sign the Petition

Sign the petition to get Community Budgeting for All on the November 2024 ballot

How to Print and Sign at Home

Ready to help us get Community Budgeting for All on the ballot? Signing the petition is quick and easy.

You can print out a signature sheet yourself from home, then mail it in, or drop it off at one of our drop boxes throughout Portland.

  1. Are you registered to vote in Portland? If you're not sure, check your voter registration or update it.

  2. Review the full text of the charter amendment if desired.

  3. Print a single-signature sheet. The state requires you to use letter-size (8½ x 11 in), 20-pound (or more), uncoated, white paper. Don’t worry – normal printer or copier paper qualifies and it's okay to print in black and white.

  4. Don't have access to a printer? Find us at our next campaign event to sign in person or drop by a Multnomah County Library branch near you to print pages at no cost to you.

  5. Use a pen to sign and date on both lines and print your name and address. Your sheet will only be counted if your signatures, name, and residence address all match what’s on file in your voter registration, so be careful!

  6. Return your sheet to the campaign by mailing it in or by visiting one of our drop boxes (look for a gray metal box on the front stoop or porch).

Drop Boxes at Residential Locations (no contact)
- 6025 N Vancouver Ave (near N Ainsworth St)
- 3510 SE 115th Ave (near SE Powell Blvd)

- 2736 NE 62nd Ave

-2402 SE Belmont St

-1823 SE 51st Ave

More locations coming soon. See Google Maps.


Mail completed signature sheets to:

Community Budgeting for All

6025 N Vancouver Ave Unit B

Portland, OR 97217

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