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Our Wins

Collectively building a world where everyone knows their power and everyone's voice counts.



of our major wins for participatory budgeting in Oregon


Parks and Nature Bond

Successfully incorporated  funds for participatory budgeting in this 2019 regional funding measure and are actively working with Metro on implementation.

2021 - 2022

Youth Voice, Youth Vote

Collaborated with Unite Oregon, Rosewood Initiative, East County Rising Community Partnerships, & Play Grow Learn to develop the Youth Voice, Youth Vote (YV2) PB and secured a portion of State ARPA funds ($690K). See for updates.

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We co-hosted a community forum at Rosewood Initiative entitled "Bringing Participatory Budgeting to the Portland-Region." Guest speakers and small group discussions with over 100 participants led to this summary report with recommendations to local governments for implementing participatory budgeting in the Portland-Metro region.

Bring PB to the Portland Region


Get Moving Measure

Metro's 2020 transportation funding package includes PB  to identify and implement community driven anti-displacement strategies. While voters did not pass the regional measure, the PB component could be funded once alternative revenue is identified.

To date we have successfully help secure $5-6 million in public funds to be allocated through PB in Oregon. In the process, we've supported hundreds of Oregonians in understanding the potential of PB to transform and deepen our democracy, especially for those without a voice or vote in government decision-making.

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