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Our Wins

Collectively building a world where everyone knows their power and every voice counts

Launched First Youth-Led Process in Oregon

In 2021 we launched Oregon’s first participatory budgeting process, Youth Voice, Youth Vote PB. Youth living in east Portland that were between the ages of 13 to 25 determined how to spend $500,000 in federal funds for COVID recovery.

Government Capacity Building

Advised the Oregon Health Authority, Metro, and and other government staff on participatory budgeting process design & implementation. 

Hosted Dozens of Workshops

Facilitated workshops and briefings with community organizations, public officials, and local governments to raise awareness about participatory budgeting, how it works, and its potential impacts and benefits for more equitable participation and outcomes. 

Planted Seeds in Portland

Built a diverse, intergenerational network of organizers to bring participatory budgeting to the city of Portland. In 2020, we advocated for the Portland Charter Commission to add a community budgeting process open to all residents to our city's charter. The City Council did not refer the amendment to voters, but we are now working on an initiative petition to put it on the ballot in 2024.

Grown Participatory Budgeting Organizers

We've resourced the time and expertise of youth leaders, individuals, and organizations with over $150,000 for PB advocacy and implementation.

Worker Directed Non-Profit

Established an organization based on participatory and liberatory practices that resources staff to grow, thrive, and contribute in a worker-directed nonprofit.


Led the effort to include participatory budgeting in Portland’s first Portland Clean Energy Fund Climate Investment Plan through Climate-friendly Schools.

$1.7 Million in Funds Allocated

Helped secure and allocate nearly $1.7 million in public funds towards participatory budgeting in Oregon.

support the movement to expand decision making in Oregon

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